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3 Facts About Coffee Roasting | Cuevas Coffee Roasters

3 Fascinating Facts About Coffee Roasting

There is no doubt that coffee is a brewed drink loved and consumed by many people in Texas and the nation for different reasons. It can help you jumpstart your day; the taste is irreplaceable, the smell is significantly wonderful, it goes well with different meals, and there is so much variety!

There are many reasons why this brewed drink is genuinely fascinating. Here are some facts about coffee roasting that you may find very interesting. 

# 1 The Roasting Process Unlocks the Bean’s Flavor And Kills It As Well

This fact can seem very strange. However, during the roasting process, when the carbon dioxide gas is released, oxidation occurs, making coffee taste stale. When the coffee roasting process releases the flavor of the green beans, and simultaneously time starts the chemical reactions, it sooner will lead the beans to turn stale.

As a result, coffee beans are roasted at their final destination and generally exported in their green state. 

# 2 Dark Roast Can Have Less Caffeine Content

You may think that darker roasted beans can have more caffeine than lighter ones. But the absolute truth is that the caffeine content will largely stay stable during the roasting process.

Many coffee drinkers could assume that dark roasted coffee is stronger. The roasting process will lead to the breakdown of caffeine. 

What really matters is the number of beans. When they are roasted for more time, they become less dense, and consequently, less heavy. Meaning that the same quantity of coffee by weight will have different beans per cup, even if they are lightly roasted.

# 3 Roasting Time

One of the essential aspects of coffee roasting is timing. The total roasting time and degree will have the most significant impact on coffee’s flavor. If you fast roast, you will get higher aroma compounds, and the flavor will be stronger. However, this has to be done carefully not to burn the beans.

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