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Our Farm

Cuevad Coffee Organic Coffee

It all started in 2007 with a vision on our family land nestled in the hills of Cuevas, Bolivia across from the “Codo de Los Andes”. The unique microclimate of Cuevas and the surrounding areas inspired us to develop a new coffee growing region in Bolivia. The farm consists of 35 hectares (roughly 90 acres) of land in which 5.5 hectares are planted with coffee, which sums up to 20,000 producing plants. Our vision is to one day have all 35 hectares occupied with coffee in order to deliver the maximum volume and quality of coffee to our consumers.

At the Cuevas Coffee Farm, we are always striving to be the best steward to the environment which is why we don't believe in cutting down any more trees than is needed to expand the farm. And every tree that we cut, which is minimal, we are committed to planting the same amount of new trees in other areas of the farm utilizing sustainable spacing of the trees.

This is all achievable with coffee being one of the only commercial crops in the world that needs plenty of shade trees, allowing us to achieve this goal of Net 0 trees cut down.

Hand-picked Organic Coffee

As part of our Social Responsibility initiative, proceeds from every bag of Cuevas Coffee goes back to the community in which our coffee is grown. Through this campaign we have been able to provide clean drinking and running water to the communities, improvements to the local school including new bathrooms and classrooms, soccer uniforms and soccer balls to the school soccer teams and the adult soccer league and we have been working diligently to provide scholarship opportunities to the local high school students who have a dream of attending university. With these items in mind, we also believe in only employing the local community habitants on our farm to help make an impact on the community in which we operate.

Our farm is 100% owned by us with no outside partners, to be able to manage our programs the way we want to without having to keep profits in mind. This allows us to provide more support to the community than the common coffee farm. We hope our dedicated Cuevas Coffee customers are able to enjoy this peace of heaven on earth that we love and cherish with all out heart!