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All There is To Know About Single Origin Coffee

Single-origin coffee is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s coffee that comes from a single origin. So when you read your coffee label, and it says single origin, it’s possible to find out the exact farm and source of where the coffee beans came from. But what makes this coffee so unique, and why do people prefer it? 

Keep reading to learn more about single-origin coffee and its characteristics. 

Why Single Origin Coffee Is Better

Some believe that the soil the coffee beans grow on can have an effect on the taste and flavor of the coffee itself. There are many techniques and methods that farmers may use to create a specific flavor. When you choose single-origin coffee, you can be assured that you’ll be getting the exact taste you prefer every time. 

You can also rest assured that you’ll be getting the purest form of coffee available and not a different blend from various farms and countries. 

What’s The Difference Between Single Origin, Direct Trade, and Fair Trade? 

Coffee can sound confusing sometimes, with so many roasts, origins, and names, you might be wondering what the difference is between all of these. Fairtrade coffee means your coffee has been approved by Fairtrade International - which ensures that the small-scale farmers growing your coffee are receiving fair wages in comparison to large growers. 

If your single-origin coffee came from a farm that does not meet the Fairtrade International regulations, it will not be fair trade coffee, although it could still be organic coffee. However, direct trade coffee is not the same thing as fair trade. 

Direct trade coffee means the one roasting the coffee is dealing directly with the farm that grows the coffee, so essentially there are no middlemen. Direct trade coffee is the best way to ensure your coffee is coming from a single source. 

Brew a Cup With Cuevas Coffee Roasters

When it comes to handpicked coffee, Cuevas Coffee Roasters offers unique and high-quality options. We proudly offer single-origin coffee from locations such as Bolivia, where a unique coffee comes directly from our family-owned farm and is considered one of the best coffees in Bolivia. 

Our African-origin coffee comes from Tanzania from our partners Neumman Kaffee Gruppe. Located in Mbeya, Mbozi, at an elevation of 1,700-1800m, our 100% Arabica coffee has an Earth aroma with subtle hints of tangerine and black tea. 

At Cuevas Coffee Roasters, we offer handpicked coffee. Our goal and vision are to utilize our direct trade relationships with dedicated farmers worldwide to help put an end to global poverty.