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Coffee Blend vs. Single-Origin Coffee

Coffee can be a confusing topic these days. There are so many different types and blends to choose from. So what's the difference between a coffee blend and single-origin coffee? This article will compare the two to help you see how they differ and what makes each of them unique.

Differences Between Coffee Blend & Single-Origin Coffee

Coffee Blend

A coffee blend is a combination of coffee made from different regions. The blends are created to produce a great-tasting cup, so they often contain beans that have been roasted in different ways or at varying strengths. The result is a coffee that has more depth and flavor than other types. 

Coffee roasters enhance their unique taste and acidity, and when done right, they create harmony. Coffee blends are the most consumed type of coffee since they're consistent in taste and can be produced in larger batches. They provide a gentler taste and aroma by taking advantage of the benefits of the various beans on the blend.

Single-Origin Coffee

Single-origin coffee is exactly what it sounds like. It's coffee made from beans harvested in one single region or country, often with the same cultivation techniques used by that specific farmer year after year. This is how this type of coffee achieves its unique taste. The flavors are singular, and drinkers can often pick up on subtleties they wouldn't notice in a coffee blend.

Single-origin coffees are all unique because they come from different regions around the world. This diversity of single-origin coffees is responsible for many great cup characteristics that can be found in each coffee, such as unique flavor profiles and body differences.

Because no single-origin coffees are the same, it's fun to try them all to taste and see the different characteristics they have. However, because single-origin coffees only come from one source, some of them are only available at specific times of the year, and that will depend on their harvesting season. Because of their uniqueness, they also tend to have a distinctive acidity, flavor, and aroma.

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