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Coffee: Regions: Bolivia

Located in the Western heart of South America, Bolivia has started a presence in all the American countries. It is growing fast on technology, infrastructure, and skills, allowing them to export high-quality coffee to the United States. People have shown a high acceptance for the quality and exceptional flavor of Bolivian coffee farms. 

In Bolivia, farms produce organic and non-organic coffee with hand-picked coffee procedures. Farmworkers remove all of the cherries off the branches to start with the proper roasting process and do everything within Bolivian hands. Here we gathered reasons why Bolivia is growing so fast in the coffee industry. 

Bolivia, One Of The Best Coffee Roasters in America! 

Tasting the coffee from Bolivia is a surreal experience, and without a doubt, it will become your top coffee in the world. Bolivia offers more than land to produce the coffee; it possesses many characteristics that make the coffee growth exceptional such as: 

  • Location & Altitude 

Bolivia possesses rural areas where the farms cultivate more than 94% of all the country's coffee and other small plots of 7 hectares in Arabic variety that offer another high percentage of the organic coffee production. Bolivia gives producers all the land space necessary to produce enough coffee carefully to export and sell nationally. 

Also, Bolivia territories count on high altitudes of 1500 to 2,000 meters above sea level, which benefits coffee flavor due to the high elevations and better drainage, making a magnificent concentration of organic coffee flavor. 

  • Fertile Soil & Weather 

All the land hectares that Bolivia possesses are fertile soil, meaning that the land provides the necessary nutrients to the growth of coffee beans and its maintenance and precaution to pests and climate change. However, Bolivia also counts on humid weather that helps proper coffee growth. It makes it more agreeable for the hand-picked coffee process. 

Import Coffee From Bolivia is Easier Than You Think! 

Cuevas Coffee is the essence of the best coffee in Bolivia; importing to the United States has delivered an exceptional prestige of Bolivian Coffee farms. They offer organic coffee that has been hand-picked from Bolivian workers that will love to produce the beans of your coffee cups. We can deliver the best coffee taste, and you will only regret not buying more from us!