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Colombia, Home of The Perfect Coffee Roast

When browsing for coffee, seeing the words Colombian roast can light up your eyes - given how good it is. But, have you ever wondered what makes Colombian coffee so unique? Why is Colombia so well known for its coffee? Coffee in Colombia is more than just a crop; it’s part of its national identity. 

We’ll be sharing all there is to know about Colombian coffee, and when you’re done reading, you’re going to be reaching for your next cup of Colombian roasted coffee.

Colombian Coffee: The Basics 

With beautiful terrain and climate, Colombia is one of the only countries globally to produce 100% arabica beans. Colombia is fortunate to have the Andes mountain region, where the water flows into the country’s drainage basins, creating a better environment for growing coffee. 

The coffee business is an important part of the country’s economy, providing 800,000 direct jobs and impacting 563,000 families. Not to mention, when you indulge in a cup of Colombian coffee, you’ll be getting hints of floral, tropical fruits, berries, and sweetness similar to chocolate, sugar cane, and caramel. 

What Makes It So Unique?

Colombian Arabica coffee beans have a unique process. Water is used to separate the cherries from the surrounding pulp. This process, also known as wet-processing, is a new technique that allows for a cleaner, brighter, and tastier product. Coffee beans are carefully handpicked with a selection process that only gives you the perfect conditions to grow the arabica beans. 

Cuevas Coffee Roasters - From our Farm to your Cup 

When it comes to handpicked coffee, Cuevas Coffee Roasters provides the perfect cup of organic coffee, and of course, it’s Colombian. At Cuevas Coffee Roasters, we are a family-owned Coffee Farm and Roastery specializing in Direct and Fairtrade specialty coffee.

Our goal and vision are to use our direct trade relationships with dedicated farmers worldwide to end global poverty. Our team hand roasts small batches of single-origin coffee, bringing out the bean’s unique flavor profile to provide you the best cup possible.