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Defining The Level of Coffee Roast

Light, medium, and dark. Coffee roast levels are very critical for coffee lovers. For some, light roast won’t do the trick, and dark is just too bitter for others. Interestingly enough, many years ago, drinking a cup of strong and dark roasted coffee was reined King, and the light roast was considered a lower version. 

There’s so much to know about the different roasts of coffee, and each one has its unique characteristics. Keep reading to learn more about the coffee roast levels, and before you know it, you’ll be reaching for another cup. 

Did You Know Coffee Roast Levels Continue To Change? 

When it comes to standardizing a coffee roast, there’s very little information surrounding it. There’s a difference between the light roast you pick up off the grocery shelf and those sold by most specialty coffee roasters. In fact, one roaster dark is another coffee roaster’s light - sounds Confusing, we know. 

This is happening because the quality of coffee beans is changing, and farmers are getting better and better. The scale from dark, medium, and light can move to a lighter area altogether, changing and improving flavors as quality increases. 

Characteristics of Different Roasts 

Whether you have light, medium, or dark roast, each of them has unique characteristics. 

Light Roast

Light roast coffee beans are a light brown, and they typically don’t have any oil on the surface. In terms of acidity, it is crisper and has a bright flavor profile. Those who enjoy light roast coffee appreciate the less-bitter taste and its wide variety of flavors, aromas, aftertastes, and more. 

Medium Roast 

Medium roast coffee is brown and very rarely has any oil on its surface. The acidity is medium and has a rounded flavor profile. Roasting to medium level preserves many of the unique flavors of the coffee beans and tends to be sweeter due to the longer roast. 

Dark Roast 

Last but not least, dark roast coffee is dark brown and has an oily surface. This roast, in particular, has low acidity, a heavy body, and tends to have a darker and deeper flavor profile. When coffee beans are roasted to this level, they don’t usually have many of their original characteristics left, but they do attain chocolatey, nutty, and caramel flavors. 

Get The Best Cup of Coffee With Cuevas Coffee Roasters 

When it comes to your cup of coffee, we know quality and taste cannot be compromised. Flavour is everything, which is why it’s important to select only the best. At Cuevas Coffee Roasters, we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality hand-picked coffee. 

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