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From Our Cuevas Farm To Your Cup: The Coffee Journey

We are Cuevas Coffee, a coffee roaster located in Carrollton, Texas. The Cuevas Farm located in Bolivia counts on 35 hectares of land where 5.5 are planted with coffee and constitutes 20,000 producing plants. We are committed to delivering excellence, not only without products but to the community. 

Since our start, our people have been with us, allowing us to keep consistency in all hand roast small batches of our coffee beans to provide, as an ultimate result, a unique flavor for every cup of coffee on your table. We deliver crafted bags through direct trade relationships around the world. Keep reading to understand every step of our coffee process. 

Our Coffee Process 

Coffee is one of the hardest crops to grow. Our farm possesses the climate/temperature and altitude necessary to deliver the best coffee harvest possible. 

  • Hand-Picked: Our workers picked every single bean of coffee by hand. 
  • De-pulped: We remove the skin of the coffee cherry. 
  • Fermentation: It lasts 24 hours and is the metabolization of sugars and other compounds. 
  • Drying of the coffee: We spread out all the coffee beans on thin layers, and we let them dry in the sun for about 8 to 10 days. 
  • Reposado of the coffee: We let the coffee rest for six weeks. 
  • Dehulling of the coffee: We dried husk surroundings of all the coffee beans. 
  • Packaging for shipment to the US
  • Hand Roasted in Small batches
  • Bagged and shipped out to the consumer.

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We are determined to deliver the best quality coffee. To guarantee it, our workers are specialized and dedicate to what they do; they keep their hands on the same coffee from the first step till the end. Our farm is committed to keeping it sustainable and take care of the environment and our people. 

We use all-natural products, and we do not allow any chemicals at any step of our process. With our hand roast small batches of single-origin coffee, we deliver unique flavor profiles of the bean for you to get the best cup of coffee you have ever tried. The satisfaction of choosing a farm that cares about the world's well-being will make you feel even more satisfied.