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How Is Coffee Roasted?

Everyone knows that before being roasted, the beans of coffee are originally green. Those have a grassy aroma, and in some cases, no aroma at all. That is why there exists roasting, which is the process that transforms green coffee's physical and chemical properties, which means that with roasting, it becomes brown and gets the familiar coffee taste. 

The following steps will help you understand how the coffee is roasted and the necessary things that roasters companies have to consider when proceeding. 

Initial Process 

Before starting the roasting process, what has to be done with green beans is as follows: 

  • The coffee roasting process follows the coffee processing and precedes the coffee preparation. 
  • Classifying, roasting, cooling, and packaging (sometimes grinding) 
  • Green coffee bean bags are opened by hand or machine, poured into a hopper, and screened for debris. 
  • Weigh the green beans, and then they are transferred manually via a belt or pneumatic conveyor to the storage hoppers. 
  • From the storage hoppers, the green beans are transported to the roaster.


Endothermic Stage

First, there is a stage called "endothermic," which mainly absorbs the heat of the organic coffee beans. Roasters have to be careful because, at a temperature of 175 °C (347 °F), it becomes exothermic, meaning they are giving off heat. 

So, the beans are heating themselves for the roaster machine, which is inadequate, so the roasters have to adjust the roaster's heat source. Afterward, the roasted coffee beans are thrown away from the roasting chamber and cooled by air or water-quenching. 


When the coffee beans are roasted, they lose more than 16 to 19 percent of their mass because of water loss and some compounds. However, even though they lose weight, they increase their size because of the physical expansion due to the vaporized water. 

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