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How To Choose The Right Coffee

Do you want to buy the right bag of coffee, but you do not know where to start, or you always choose the same brand and want to give it a chance to a better one, but you do not know how? Choosing the right coffee beans is as essential as the equipment or procedure to make a coffee cup. 

Some things you have to consider when buying quality-fresh coffee beans: 

  • Pay attention to the roasting date: 


believe that coffee does have an expiration date; however, it should have a roasting date. You have to choose coffee beans with less than three weeks of being roasted; at that time, the coffee is still fresh, and you can extract aromatic oils, sugars, and soluble. 

You can consider a small package due to the consistency they offer. You can find its origin on the package, which might help you give you an idea of the quality of coffee.

  • Choose your preferred level of caffeine: 

When looking at the roasting date, you can also determine its level of caffeine. You can choose whether dark, medium or light roast; surprisingly, the light is the one that has the highest level of caffeine. Your decision will depend on your preferences and needs for different future types of coffee. 

  • Avoid labels of 100% Coffee: 

You cannot trust coffee that mentions its varietal or an uncommon percentage like the 100%. Even if this label does not guarantee quality, you should better trust coffee with the proper labeling. 

  • Altitude & temperature:

Sometimes coffees have this information on their packages, or you can find it online. So, you have to know that the altitude and the temperature of the place where coffee is harvest is essential to guarantee its tasting and quality. You can measure its altitude on meters above the sea level, so coffee that grows above 1400 m.a.s.l tends to be sweet and more refined. 

The temperature of the constituents of coffee beans develops for more extended periods on plants in between 18 and 21 centigrade, which produces dense flavor for all the harvest. You can consider choosing hand-picked coffee due to the dedication of farmers to select the best quality beans for sale. 

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