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How to Grind your Coffee at Home

You love to drink organic coffee, and you are thinking about grinding it at home for maximum pleasure, but you do not know where to start? Well, don´t get in a fluster; here is an easy step guide on how to grind hand-picked coffee from the coffee roaster of your choice. 

Things You Will Need

The process does not need much equipment but an electric grinder, your selected organic coffee, a cup, and all the attitude to enjoy the unbelievable taste that a hand-picked coffee provides to coffee lovers.

Also, you must know to use your electric grinder properly regarding the coffee size. For coffee,  to measure the size, we use “microns,” which means that 1 micron = 1,000 of a millimeter. Depending on the machine and taste you want, you have to pick a specific amount of microns. As an example, for a quality coffee in an espresso machine, you will need 3000 microns. 

Easy Steps to Follow

After understanding how you can measure your hand-picked coffee, you are ready to start and get the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted! 

  1. Measure the desired amount of organic coffee. 
  2. Start the grinder to take care of its internal components. 
  3. Put the coffee into the grinder. 
  4. Set up the time depending on the brew method,
  5. Pick the grind setting to enjoy the hand-picked coffee taste. 
  6. Let the coffee rip until the time is up.
  7. Settle the coffee by binning out the grounds. 
  8. Bre w your organic coffee & ENJOY! 

If you follow all these steps and like what you drank, you can play with the setting and machine types to get every coffee taste you want at the commodities of your home! 

Got Your Coffee Already? 

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