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K-Cups vs. Bagged Coffee

Many factors can affect your decision to buy coffee. You might be looking for a quick and easy morning drink, or you might need something more robust to wake you up. The type of coffee you purchase can significantly impact how it tastes, how much caffeine is in the cup, and what kind of environment it's best suited for. 

In this article, we will compare two types of coffee, K-Cups and bagged coffee, so that you can make the right choice when you're looking to purchase coffee.

Differences Between K-Cups & Bagged Coffee

Both K-Cups and bagged coffee have their benefits. First of all, K-Cups come in single servings that are filled with ground coffee. One major benefit of a K-cup is that it's easy to use and clean up. All you need to do is place one in the machine, close the lid, select your brew size, push start, then remove the used K-Cup from the appliance without cleaning it out. 

Another major benefit of K-Cups is that they are pre-measured to make one cup at a time. Coffee roasters have mastered the ability to prepare the perfect cup of coffee in K-Cups. Preparing K-Cups requires minimum effort, so it makes the K-Cup experience more convenient.

On the other hand, there are many benefits to bagged coffee as well. One large benefit of this product is that you can choose different ways to brew your ground coffee. Depending on which technique you used, it will be different. Some common methods are french press and espresso machines. 

Many coffee lovers enjoy the ritual of making their brew, which lets you have another experience than just drinking your coffee. Another benefit of bagged coffee is that it's usually less expensive than K-cups, making it more cost-efficient for your wallet in the long run.

Find The Best K-Cup & Bagged Coffee

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