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The Importance of Coffee Sustainability

Sustainable coffee brings a "no harm" approach not only to yourself but to the agriculture trade and, most importantly, to the coffee industry, which is one of the widest industries around the world. There are so many reasons why people choose eco-friendly and environmentally smart organic coffee. 

On each step of the process of sustainability coffee, there is a positive impact on the planet. Coffee farms that care about the environment and define themselves as sustainable farms are used to plant trees and utilize the trees' sustainable spacing for their harvest. 

Its Impact On The Environment 

The impact of a sustainable farm resides in the future of the planet and the health and well-being of people who work on them.

  • Land

The coffee industry is growing fast daily, which means farms are growing as well; it also increases deforestation that brings adverse effects not only on the land but also on the climate globally, especially for the near zones of the harvest. 

On the other hand, conventional coffee farms tend to use pesticides, fertilizer, or antibiotics required to conclude with the growing procedure of coffee. Nonetheless, a sustainable farm produces organic coffee that requires a minimum of fertilizer or none to produce coffee. 

  • Workers 

Workers of sustainability farms are more compensated for their jobs due to all the steps they have to fulfill to maintain the land, the coffee, the harvest, and the procedures to obtain quality coffee. They use hand-picked coffee to produce excellence on every roasted bean. 

And they are taking care of the land environment at every moment. 

Also, even if it requires more attention, coffee farms' sustainability allows workers safety and well-being; the lack of toxic substances in their daily tasks allows them to be calm and efficient because they do not have to worry about getting sick or contracting a major illness in the future. 

Buy From Cuevas Coffee and Save The Planet

Cuevas Coffee is located in Texas, a coffee farm always striving to be the best steward to the environment. We continually plant trees to ensure good care of our surroundings. Also, every bag of Cuevas Coffee goes back to the community in which our coffee is grown to reward all that people that give the extra mile to offer the best caring cup of coffee.