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What Is A Coffee Blend?

We often see coffee blends in coffee shops or supermarkets, but have you stopped to think, what is a coffee blend? In simple words, a coffee blend is a combination of various beans that are roasted to different levels. Organic coffee blends are hand-picked and then roasted by skilled coffee roasters to ensure the best possible taste.

Combining different coffee beans sounds like a difficult and added job, right? So, why exactly did we start to do coffee blends? In this article, we explain why we started doing coffee blends and why they are great.

Why Do We Blend Coffee?

The reason why we blend coffee is to create a unique taste. Blending coffee allows us to pick and choose the beans to achieve flavors that suit different palates! Most roasters blend two to three coffees. Coffee blenders create a formula based on what they want the final flavor to be and then roast each coffee separately. Once they are done roasting, they combine and package them.

Blending can create a completely new flavor, using beans from different regions to get the best qualities of both. Blending coffee is how you end up with delicious flavors like French Vanilla or Hazelnut that so many people love! Different roasts will bring out different qualities from each kind of bean, making the flavor even better. There are, of course, different kinds of roasts, which is why coffee can have so many different flavors.

Blending also happens when there's not enough supply for everyone wanting to buy it. By mixing in another variety of beans, you can create enough supply for more people. So, we blend coffee to acquire the benefits of coffee blends: a better and more distinctive flavor, aroma, and taste.

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