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The O.G Cuevas Blend: A Unique Coffee Experience

Have you tried many organic coffee blends but none of them convince you? Finding a good coffee blend can be hard nowadays since you have many options to choose from. However, what if we tell you that the perfect coffee blend exists? If you're looking for a smooth tasting with a mild acidity coffee, O.G Cuevas Blend is the answer.

The O.G Cuevas Blend is a unique coffee experience that you can only get from Cuevas Coffee Roaster. The blend is exclusive and special because of the different carefully and thoughtfully mixed beans in this formula. We pay close attention to the quality of each bean we use, looking for specific notes that will make your cup unique! Don't hesitate to contact us since this it's the best tasting coffee you'll ever have!


Benefits Of Our O.G Cuevas Blend

One of the benefits of the O.G Cuevas Blend is that it's made with arabica coffee, which comes from the plant coffee arabica. This coffee bean is widely popular since 60% of the world's coffee production is made of arabica coffee. Arabica coffee beans are of great quality and provide you with an amazing taste when handled by professional coffee roasters.

What's more, the O.G Cuevas Blend has a unique mixture of Colombian, Guatemalan, and Tanzanian coffee beans. Colombian coffee is widely known for its incredible flavor and mild but rich aroma. It's known that coffee grows best in volcanic soil; that's why Colombia grows amazing coffee. 

Like Colombia, Guatemalan coffee is great since it's grown in volcanic soil with high altitudes. The weather provides great conditions for roasting, creating a perfect coffee with an aroma and taste. Last but not least, Tanzania is one of the largest export countries for coffee. They provide a great quality coffee that brings a bright and winey acidity and a fruity taste.

The mixture of these three hand-picked coffee beans in the O.G Cuevas Blend brings you a bold, balanced, and smooth flavor, highlighting the best benefits of each bean. When roasted together, it provides the coffee with mild acidity and a very clean body.

Get Your O.G Cuevas Blend

We, Cuevas Coffee Roaster, are proud to offer the perfect coffee blend for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a strong, robust morning brew or something light and sweet, O.G Cuevas Blend has got you covered. This unique mix of coffees makes for a coffee with a great body and aroma that is simultaneously delicate and complex on the palate, finishing with an intense flavor that you will not want to miss out on.